‘Halik’ recap: ‘Pagkatapos mo ’kong buntisin?’ Jade catches Ace cheating on her

Jade (Yam Concepcion) attacks Ace (Sam Milby) and Aliyah (Bianca King) in the December 3 episode of ‘Halik.’ ABS-CBN

“What goes around comes around” goes the adage about bad karma that clearly now applies to Yam Concepcion’s hated character in the primetime hit “Halik.”

In the RSB Drama series’ December 3, Monday episode, Jade (Concepcion) is shown struggling through her pregnancy alone. With Ace (Sam Milby) shunning the idea of raising a child together, Jade starts to regret having ever left her husband, Lino (Jericho Rosales), for the affair.

At one point, a tearful Jade visits Lino’s home on the occasion of his birthday. She, however, realizes Lino has managed to move on, with his happy disposition surrounded by family and loved ones, including Jacky (Yen Santos).

Confronted with the harsh reality, Jade comes close to aborting the pregnancy, but ultimately decides against it.

Through her downward spiral, Ace is nowhere to be found. Jade finds out that he is partying with friends, surrounded by other women. She then manages to track his precise location, motivated to bring him to despair, too.

Jade follows Ace to the house of the mysterious Aliyah (Bianca King). She catches them holding hands, just when they are about to leave Aliyah’s house.

Outraged, Jade confronts both of them. The commotion has Aliyah backing out from the planned night out — albeit with an apparently triumphant expression, hinting at an ulterior motive — and Ace telling Jade directly that he does not want to build a family with her.

The teaser for the coming episodes shows the desperate Jade trying to win back Lino, initially by being honest about her situtation. However, with Lino not budging, Jade shifts her tactics to convincing herself, and her husband, that the baby is theirs.

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